Can you imagine visiting other countries?

Can you imagine visiting other countries?

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As far as international study destinations go, Malta may not be the first place on many people’s lists. However, there are many advantages to studying on this small and beautiful Mediterranean nation. A real hidden gem for international students with a sense of adventure, Malta offers an excellent standard of education, an affordable standard of living, and plenty of exciting career opportunities in industries of the future such as gaming, blockchain, and AI. What’s more, Malta is a country that values the importance of university graduates. Skilled graduates who stay or move to Malta can benefit from tax breaks, fast-track visas, and free support to help start a new business. 

Here are some reasons to study in Malta.

A great place to improve your English

Malta is a great place to learn English. Around 75,000 international students enroll in English language courses every year. A large proportion of the students come from Italy, while Malta also attracts a significant number of French and German learners. Some travel from much further afield, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the Middle East, and South Korea.

Courses are between 15-30 hours a week, which includes a significant amount of one-to-one tutoring. Other course options include intensive English, English for work, business or academic English, and 50+ programs tailored to mature students.

Exciting job opportunities

Malta is an attractive destination for igaming companies, and this small Mediterranean island is now home to some of the biggest names in the business, including UK’s PlayFrank and Paddy Power/Betfair.

iGaming companies are always on the look-out for coders, designers, business development managers, analysts, account executives, traders, and data scientists. The majority of these roles offer generous remuneration packages, especially as you progress to more senior positions. For example, entry-level data analysts earn around $39,000 a year, while a head of business data and intelligence can command a salary of up to $90,000.

Supporting Startups

“Sun, sea, sand, surf and start-ups” – that’s the motto of Start-Up Malta, The nonprofit organization connects entrepreneurs with investors, provides financial, and technical mentoring, and helps transform ideas into products or scalable services. It’s a fantastic service for young innovators who are great at coming up with new concepts but lack some of the more practical business skills.

So if you have a big idea you want to get off the ground, Malta could be the place to make it happen!


Amazing lifestyle

Malta enjoys around 300 days of sunshine every year, with an average summer temperature of 25°C. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches and holiday resorts in Eupre, so you won’t have to travel very far to enjoy a relaxing break. 

Alternatively, students can easily visit one of the many interesting sights, like the Valletta Fortress or the ancient “Silent City” of Mdina (so named because there are no cars and the city of just 300 falls wonderfully silent and dark by night). Or you could take a trip to the Ġgantija Temples.  

Malta is a country where you can get a great education, enjoy a high standard of living, and meet lots of interesting people from all over the world; and that’s just the beginning of your adventure. After graduating, you have all the support you need to start a career or even build your own business.

Cost of Living

English language courses are relatively affordable on Malta, making it a premier destination to study the language. Packages that includes registration, study, housing expenses and food can start from approximately 1200 EUR per month, which involves up to 20 lessons per week.

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