Can you imagine visiting other countries?

Can you imagine visiting other countries?





At EduTravel International, we help Latin americans find their place in the world. We are a specialized study agency based in Australia with over nine years of experience in educational consulting and Visa acquisition. With us, we offer personalized educational consulting that aims to easily and quickly help you find the best course options in the most popular work and study destinations abroad.

Our mission is to continue helping Latin americans have a life changing experience while traveling the world. Since our start, we’ve enabled over 5,000 Latin students to venture out of their bubbles and explore Australia and the rest of the world. We service all parts of Latin America, with students coming from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and all over!

EduTravel International has built relationships with over 200 language education institutions, technical and vocation courses, and public and private universities around the world. Each day, we continue to expand our connections and experiences so we can help more students.

Our vision is to make studying abroad accessible, simple, and easy. If you are a Latin american that wants to study abroad, we don’t want anything getting in your way. EduTravel International has built a personalized educational consulting methodology, which allows our students to choose the best work and study program abroad!

And, the best part? It’s all FREE! Our services are free because we want you to experience life abroad. We strive to provide accessible information that you need at each stage of your work and study abroad project so that you get the best experience!

So, that’s who we are. The ideal study abroad school or course for you is out there, and we’ll help you look. We’d love to learn more about you and where you’d like to study abroad. Count on us and join over 5,000 students who have chosen Edutravel as the best option to study abroad

Meet the Team!


Oscar Roa


I have 10 years of experience in the international education industry, living for more than three years between the United Kingdom and Europe as an international student.

Accounting professional in Australia. I am a Colombian and Australian citizen. What fills me most with satisfaction in my work as Director at Edutravel is contributing to the study processes of many students and seeing over time how they share with us the experiences, anecdotes, and stories of how their trajectory has been and how they have managed to fulfill their goals, and life projects.


Rodrigo Moreno

Operations Coordinator.

I am a professional in Economics and have more than four years of experience working in the international education industry.

I lived in the UK for a year and have lived in Australia for over six years.

In both countries I lived the experience of being an international student.

It is very rewarding to work with international students and witness their academic and personal progress, along with the opportunity to share my own experiences with them.

I think that the closeness we offer our students as well as our extensive experience in the industry are our main letter of introduction.

Adriana Ortiz

Education Consultant

I have more than two years of experience in the industry. I had the great experience of living, studying and working for three fantastic years in Melbourne Australia, with certainty and honesty I can say that it has been the best experience of my life.

I am proud to accompany the students in this great process and help them make their dream come true hand in hand with a serious and reliable company such as Edutravel International.


Andrea Montealegre

Travel Services Specialist

I have more than 4 years of experience in the travel and tourism sector.

I am an Administrator of Tourism and Hotel Companies, I had the opportunity to live in the United States where I was an international student and also in South Korea.

I am the one who helps students organize everything they need to start their trip to Australia. Always ready to help you make your trip go smoothly and contribute to the fulfillment of this great dream.

Natalia Molina

Sales and Product Manager.

I have more than 5 years of experience in the international education industry.

I studied international business. Since my start in this field of work, I discovered a great passion for helping international students not only fulfill their dream of studying abroad, but also to be part of the strengthening and construction of their life project by supporting and accompanying their professional and professional growth. academic.

At Edutravel we want each student’s experience to be unique and special (forever remembering), that’s why as Operations and Product Manager I am constantly searching for different strategies and tools to offer our staff the best training and knowledge about this great destination, its processes and academic programs so that they can share it with each of our clients according to their needs, goals and projects

Hugo Azuero

Sales Enablement and Product Manager

I am an expert in international education, with more than 11 years of experience in the industry.

Developing more than 1500 successful processes to different destinations

(Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland, the United States and Spain) managing work teams of high impact and human quality, achieving improvements in different aspects from emotional and ontological coaching that can be developed by each individual in an organization being the sum in each link of the team, from a very young age I have worked with education processes abroad, which has allowed me to know the processes from the beginning to the end, going through the presentation, until their visa application in different preferred destinations for international students, thus achieving a firm and safe process for all our applicants.

Verónica Castrillón

Education Consultant

I have more than four years of work experience in customer service.

I am a business administrator at the Autonomous University of the Americas and in my last four years I have dedicated myself to helping and accompanying people who wish to fulfill their dream of traveling to study abroad, with the experience I have acquired I am prepared to guide any process visa for Australia specifically.

​I am characterized by my joy, my dynamism and my desire to take projects forward!

Marcela Moreno

Education Consultant

I am a Senior Specialist in Customer Service and Sales with thirteen years of experience, I am passionate about the education sector and have five years of experience in this area.

I know that studying English in Australia will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you will make in your life, that is why for me each client is unique and I took the time to listen and find that all your wishes fit your needs, I love being part of the planning of our clients’ dreams, here you will not only find a service but an unparalleled experience

Santiago Moreno

Customer Experience Analyst

I am a social communicator and journalist, I have four years of experience in the educational area.

I had the experience of studying and working for a year in Melbourne Australia, which has been one of the most incredible experiences in my personal and professional life.

I really enjoy sharing with my experience in Australia its cultural diversity of its inhabitants make studying in Australia a wonderful and welcoming country.

I love working with international students and being able to provide information from my experience so that they meet the goal of going to study.

Natalia Campos

Education Consultant

I have more than four years of work experience in customer service with Edutravel.

I studied tourism and executive assistant in Chile, I have more than eight years of experience in customer service.

What I like most about this job is that I can guide students to fulfill their dream of living and working in Australia, based on my experience and the experience of all the people I have met over the years. Supporting them and seeing how they improve their level of English or find a job is something very rewarding for me.

I lived six years in Melbourne, Australia as an international student and I firmly believe that it is an experience that everyone should have.

Jennifer Sánchez

Sales Development

I am a Technologist in construction of sena buildings, the last 3 years I have worked in customer service, one of the things I like most about my job is being able to guide and help people fulfill their dreams of traveling to another country to fulfill your goal to study and grow professionally

Yury Herrera

Education Consultant

I have a degree in International Business, with a Postgraduate degree in International Trade and a Master’s degree in Business, I have lived in Germany, the United States and Austria as a student and as a professional.

I speak English and German. I currently reside in Mexico City and have 5 years of experience in the commercial area, negotiation and international business development.

It is very gratifying for me to be part of Edutravel and help students like I once was, to leave their country of origin and look for new challenges, confident that we will always be there for them to meet all their goals.

Jesús Carrascal

Sales Development

I am a professional in international business, I have two years of experience in cultural exchanges.

I have had the opportunity to do an international volunteer in Mexico and also do a professional exchange in Argentina.

Experiences that make me understand and understand the challenges we face as international students, but also see the great opportunities for development both professionally, as well as for personal growth.

It is a pleasure for me to be part of the process in this great experience that you are about to start.

Why Choose Edutravel?

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The Experience of Those Who Have Traveled With Us

Betzabet MoragaBetzabet Moraga
22:41 15 Jun 23
Estoy muy feliz y conforme por haber escogido esta agencia de viajes! Llevo 7 meses en Melbourne/ Australia y mantengo contacto con mi agente de viaje cada vez que necesito ayuda ya sea por mis estudios, trabajo, capacitaciones, trámites, etc. son excelentes !!!
Desde que estaba buscando opciones para mi proceso de estudio en Australia ellos me dieron todas las respuestas que necesitaba. Mi esposo y yo estamos muy felices de haber contado con su ayuda, nunca nos han dejado solos y siempre están dispuestos a echar una mano.Están completamente comprometidos con sus estudiantes, desde el proceso de aplicación hasta la adaptación a la nueva cultura y sociedad.
Angie GomezAngie Gomez
00:44 19 May 23
Estoy muy feliz por haber tomado la decisión de venir a Melbourne con la agencia Edutravel, porque me han apoyado en todos los aspectos posibles, muchas gracias por su trabajo y esfuerzo.
Es una agencia muy organizada, prestan un servicio excelente, todas las personas con las que hemos tenido contacto durante todo el proceso son amables y siempre dispuestas a colaborar, hacen acompañamiento continuo desde el primer momento de contacto y durante todo el proceso. Además llevan los procesos de forma ágil con resultados positivos. Súper recomendada.
Sandra SotoSandra Soto
04:06 18 May 23
Edutravel es una excelente agencia, siempre responden a nuestras inquietudes, nos guían, nos brindan solución y apoyo, siempre son muy profesionales y muy efectivos. Nos han ayudado, no solo a mi esposo, también a mi hija con su curso de negocios y a nuestros padres para que nos visitaran. La recomendaría siempre!



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